Happy New Year and Resolutions



I know i haven’t been posting in a while but i had some problems with my laptop :(.



Anyway i would like to wish everyone reading my posts a Happy (late) New Year and may all your wishes come true this year and the years to come ^_^. Hope you guys had fun.


Since it’s a “fashion” to post what we want to do in 2014, here we go:


            Mine are:   

  • try and eat less ( good luck to me…food is good 😦 )
  • read more
  • game less
  • practice with makeup so i won’t have to take a class….expensive 😦
  • practice painting ( even thought i don’t really have a talent)
  • be good at the new job (game testing rulez <3-intentionally with a z)
  • raise money for stuff
  • blog more ( yup….i always get to do something else and i really want to get into some serious blogging…be it random)
  • take care of my skin more ( i am not the girly type so i don’t really use creams and stuff….:D )
  • learn how to arrange my hair ( it’s really straight and soft so i really can’t do much about it…it always looks the same)
  • let my nails grow ( i’m a nail biter..i did let them grow once till i got tired of them ripping off and i just rage quit…:)) )
  • write and gather all my poems in one book ( i would like to get into my passion for real: writing poems that rhyme 😀 )


  Oh well…there they are. Even though some people say that ” you shouldn’t let people know of your resolution.It will never happen if you say..”  i am not that superstitious and i believe that if i really work at them, and want to accomplish them, then i will do it!


Sorry if sometimes my English is not as good, but i am trying ^_^. 


So! What is your NYR??? Just comment with something you would like to accomplish this year.


Poems I wrote to my boyfriend ^_^


 As you will notice in time, i love making rhymes  ^_^  A LOT!!   So, from time to time, i’ll come up with something and put it here. I know there may be mistakes, my English will never be perfect, BUT i shall try my best at it ^_^. Feel free to criticize but NOT offend 🙂  I know it’s a free world but common sense is also part of it and it should always be part of it. I’ll try starting stories whenever i feel like writing and, well….enjoy your stay.

1. “With Love for M.”

     Of why we met, I do not know,

     But I will never let you go!

     You came upon a star i wished

     And then my tears just vanished!

     You talk to me and i talk back,

      not knowing what to say..

      but then I think and realize

      this is, indeed, no game.

      Our love is true

      and what we have

      will know no limits yet.

      And when we are ready and our hearts true,

      our wedding will be set.

      Have a kid, or two, or three…

      We’ll call ourselves a family.

      And after death will do us part

      You still can hold my heart!

2. “Short Poem”

    I look upon your face and smile,

    Knowing it will last a while.

    You’ll always be my heart’s desire,

    I’ll always have what to admire

    Knowing that you’re all for me

    And that i’m all you’ll ever see.

3.” Unknown”

Searching through my soul and up

Thinking to myself to stop!

Wondering if this is worth

everything that we brought forth…