YES! It’s a movie title ^_^. A really awesome movie about what i love most: cooking. And it gave me the inspiration to start posting a recipe of the day so I can maybe inspire you to cook something.

The recipes will either be taken from the internet OR taken from there but with few adds from me ;).

OH, i almost forgot!!! I cleaned my laptop! Haha not that it would influence anyone BUT i just thought i should share that :D.

Anyway, the recipe of the day is: GORGONZOLA SAUCE!

I swear it is my favorite sauce EVER!

So here it goes ( i shall write it from what i remember with few adds ^_^)(sorry for my English):

You need the following:

30g butter

                                                          100g Gorgonzola cheese– or as much as you need but make sure you have plenty of butter, YET not more butter than Gorgonzola. If you put too much butter you will make it really thin! You need do make it a little thick!!

        100g sour cream

parmesan-optional though it tastes a little better if you don’t put too much parmesan.


You get a deep pan or pot (those deep tiny pots that have a long handle ;)) )

You melt the butter so that you can fill the bottom.But don’t put too much.

After the butter melted, you add the gorgonzola cheese and let it melt till it becomes liquid. Don’t let any pieces whole.

After the cheese melted add some sour cream but again not too much. You want the cheese to stand out from all that melting ^_^.

Then add a little bit of parmesan-depending on your taste- and some rosemary-to give it a nice smell (sorta-Gorgonzola will have it’s smell stronger but rosemary is that you can combine smells and tastes 😉 )

Let it in the pan OR put it in a bowl and let it out to cool down. If you did not put too much butter it will become a bit thick so you will know you made it the right way ^_^.

Enjoy and Bon Apetit!