Happy New Year and Resolutions



I know i haven’t been posting in a while but i had some problems with my laptop :(.



Anyway i would like to wish everyone reading my posts a Happy (late) New Year and may all your wishes come true this year and the years to come ^_^. Hope you guys had fun.


Since it’s a “fashion” to post what we want to do in 2014, here we go:


            Mine are:   

  • try and eat less ( good luck to me…food is good 😦 )
  • read more
  • game less
  • practice with makeup so i won’t have to take a class….expensive 😦
  • practice painting ( even thought i don’t really have a talent)
  • be good at the new job (game testing rulez <3-intentionally with a z)
  • raise money for stuff
  • blog more ( yup….i always get to do something else and i really want to get into some serious blogging…be it random)
  • take care of my skin more ( i am not the girly type so i don’t really use creams and stuff….:D )
  • learn how to arrange my hair ( it’s really straight and soft so i really can’t do much about it…it always looks the same)
  • let my nails grow ( i’m a nail biter..i did let them grow once till i got tired of them ripping off and i just rage quit…:)) )
  • write and gather all my poems in one book ( i would like to get into my passion for real: writing poems that rhyme 😀 )


  Oh well…there they are. Even though some people say that ” you shouldn’t let people know of your resolution.It will never happen if you say..”  i am not that superstitious and i believe that if i really work at them, and want to accomplish them, then i will do it!


Sorry if sometimes my English is not as good, but i am trying ^_^. 


So! What is your NYR??? Just comment with something you would like to accomplish this year.


Book or E-Book?

Book versus E-Book?

I have always been fond of books. The way they feel in hand, the way they smell, the nice cover, nice pages……OBSESSION. But i have always wondered: would it be worth to get an e-book? I would NEVER trade paper books for digital ones even if it meant to turn a room into a library. I will ALWAYS love paper book and shall always favor them and i want to always enjoy them while i can( in case it all becomes digital..) ^_^. What do you guys prefer? The smell and feel of a real book or something that occupies less space yet takes the pleasure of real reading?

P.S: took the pic from google 🙂 ( i searched books versus e-books and it was somewhere there so it does NOT belong to me)