Christmas is here!!!

Hey guys! ^_^  I will be quick with this post as I would like to wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas <3!!! I can feel the Christmas spirit in the air. It feels nice when people are so agitated due to the fact that they have so much shopping to do :D. Trees, decorations,light…..all the heart’s delight ❤ I can’t wait!!!  P.S I am preparing the tree now ^^  I shall post a picture when i’m done 😉  



                               May all of you get what you wished for!!! I already got a gift for like three Christmases: my beloved iphone 4 ❤ ( got it last Christmas :D:D:D so i’m in no need of another gift ^^)



Hey guys! 😀 New here. Name’s Alex and i shall be writing here randomly each time i feel like writing.

Ever since i found out about WordPress i wanted to make the courage to start blogging  for my fun and the fun of others. So, hopefully, i shall manage to do so. I will post as much as I can and whenever I am inspired( as i stated up there)  and i shall talk about random subjects, mostly gaming and technology :))

I am a gamer myself and, when i feel like, i draw and read. I love having books even if i read them late.

Love painting even if i kinda suck. I have a crazy imagination sometimes but i am too afraid to express myself( or very lazy) and i like to sing^_^. I LOVE animals especially dogs but i am no vegetarian. I will never kill an animal. Yet, when i eat meat, i pretend it was not alive. I just hate veggies a lot( except broccoli and green salad).

I am good at socializing and i am very friendly, till u step on my tail. Then i start showing my not so friendly side.

I LOOOOVE my iphone(4) and Apple and iMESSAGE ❤ I love Apple for the software not the logo. Just to be clear of why i am such a fan girl. I am a ferm believer that EVERY DAMN PHONE is good in it’s own way. I don’t encourage ppl to competitive arguments about what phone is better. I feel awesome with this software and i shall use it till it’s good no more :).

But most of all i love my bf who i met in Guild Wars2 . He’s the best <3<3<3

Aaaaaaand that’s about it. Hope i can actually achieve something through this blog. Enjoy!!

I have a blog on tumblr but i doubt i will be writing there any sooner. So i’m switching to this one.