Book or E-Book?

Book versus E-Book?

I have always been fond of books. The way they feel in hand, the way they smell, the nice cover, nice pages……OBSESSION. But i have always wondered: would it be worth to get an e-book? I would NEVER trade paper books for digital ones even if it meant to turn a room into a library. I will ALWAYS love paper book and shall always favor them and i want to always enjoy them while i can( in case it all becomes digital..) ^_^. What do you guys prefer? The smell and feel of a real book or something that occupies less space yet takes the pleasure of real reading?

P.S: took the pic from google šŸ™‚ ( i searched books versus e-books and it was somewhere there so it does NOT belong to me)


2 thoughts on “Book or E-Book?

  1. I love having physical books in my hands, but an ebook reader is so much more convenient. It’s cheaper in the long run if you like to read a lot of books, and you can store a bunch of them all in one tiny reader. I don’t believe books vs ebooks has to be an or question, though. I use them both equally and love both options

    • Well that is your opinion. Well not only yours but i’ve put this question to see what people think about old/new kinda’ vibe. Ty for you ans ^^ I would still opt out for physical books but yes an e-book DOES occupy less space and you can have many many books.

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