Tough Times Teach us Life


We fall,

We rise,

That’s no surprise…

But when we fall

We must remember,

That all has happened

For a reason!

Reasons for the joys of life

Life, in which we had to dive

Since birth and till our death!

Even thought the poem might make no sense as a whole, try to take each row as an individual row. We all are individual, all born with a reason and all in favor of life. Yet, somehow, even though we are born as free spirits, we come across life, adulthood and all it has to bring. All i can say is teach your children to embrace every opportunity to enjoy life at it’s highest and never regret or back down. We are born free yet deprived of it legally. We have gotten to a point in which we are being controlled and it’s a shame. We as individuals thought CAN enjoy life as it is if we learn to be positive about the negative :). Our minds will always be free!

P.S: Thank you for following my blog and thank you for giving me a chance to get out there through it ^_^. If you would like to use my poems please do so BUT do it through mentioning my blog and my name( i shall give it in private if you shall use them with the request of sending me a private message)  Thank you all again and try not to be too judgy ( sorry if i spelled it wrong) but these are only my ideas and i never assumed I am a big poet or whatever. I just do what i enjoy most ^_^  Writing! Be it random be it with a sense. Enjoy my writings whenever i post them ( don’t worry i shall not spam :)) ) and be free to share opinions!  Have an awesome day!


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